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In addition to meeting the installation and hardware requirements of compressed air systems, Cooper Freer can supply extensive experience and capability in the provision of specialist services that include air treatment specification.

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Wanlip Lagoon & Toton Works

Working in collaboration with May Gurney Ltd we were asked to design and install three systems for the mixing of sludge in Pre Digesters, Post Digesters @ Toton ” a 50mtr square lagoon @ Wanlip,

The brief was to design, supply and install air mixing units in the above areas c/w all pipework and automated valves operated by a single panel, Working closely with May Gurney’s team of control specialist’s we decided on three systems all the same but of different Kw rating keeping a continuity to the end customer. One major concern were the costs for the installation of GRP enclosures c/w heating, lighting ” ventilation, the costs were spiralling until we offered our solution using the Atlas Copco GA+ range of screw type air compressors. The models specified have integrated heaters, motor Thermistors and anti condensation units and enclosed in full weather proof enclosures. Due to the very low noise levels of these machines no extra sound proofing was required.

All Three units fitted over two years ago have given unparalleled levels of service throughout the fantastic British climate, He they have endured, baking sun (Once I think), floods, ice, wind, rain, and snow and still they have not stopped working, The only visits twice per annum have been for routine service visits. As a distributor you are always saying we only sell the best but I think this is a true testament



to the build quality of the Atlas Copco units ” again they have been installed with the seven year fixed price service ” warranty package for a total peace of mind and fixed compressed air costs for t he ongoing site manager.

Customer benefits

Highest reliability – The GA series is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217. Ensuring a long and trouble-free life at the lowest operating cost GA compressors are equipped with the latest generation of Atlas Copco’s innovative oil-injected screw element.

Reduced energy costs – Our GA compressors can reduce your energy costs and overall compressor lifecycle costs thanks to the use of our highly efficient element and motors, and minimal internal losses.

Air system integration – The GA WorkPlace Air System can be installed where you need compressed air. Its low noise operation and integrated air treatment equipment eliminates the need for a separate compressor room. All GA compressors are tested and delivered ready for use. The integrated options will reduce installation costs and pressure drops significantly, thus saving additional energy cost.
Advanced control and monitoring – To maximize efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The Elektronikon® controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions. In combination with the ES multiple compressor controller, the operation of your complete compressor room is optimized.

Integrated air treatment – All GA compressors have integrated dryer and filters available to protect your compressed air network. This quality air expands the life of equipment, increasing efficiency and ensuring quality in your final product.


Evesham Sand Filter Project

John Ratheram ” Tim Durrant the regional managers at the time for the Redditch area had continual issues with the Evesham sand filter site falling into the failing site category due to continually failing air compressors. The units had constant failings due to oil leaks and other temperature issues. Following another air scan and site visit it became apparent that the simplest solution would be to replace the units with new Atlas Copco GX7 machines. The old installation was removed and the new Atlas Copco units fitted. Instantly the site has become more efficient with no recorded failures or down time since its installation 12 months ago. One major benefit that was crucial to the installation was the fixed price seven year service and warranty package offered by Cooper Freer Ltd. This is paid annually is fixed for the duration and includes all parts and labour no matter what or when the machine is serviced or fails. No incidental costs or minimal call costs, Just a complete service and warranty package No Quibble. Ideal for those with an engineering budget that is often ruined by unforeseen breakdown and failure or worse new machine costs. With Cooper Freer “amp; Atlas Copco this is a thing o f the Past

Customer benefits using the GX Series

Reliability –The GX series is designed, manufactured and tested in

wanlip lagoon

Toton Works

accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217. The screw compressor technology allows 100% continuous duty cycle and the reinforced frame eliminates resonance. GX compressors are built for a long lifetime of reliable operation.

Reduced energy costs – Our GX compressors offer the low energy consumption and high efficiency of a rotary screw compressor. Compared to piston compressors that suffer from increased energy consumption over time, these screw compressors always provide high efficiency.

Plug and play installation – In addition to boasting a minimum footprint, the GX series discharges cooling air from the top, allowing placement against the wall or in a corner. The tank mounted GX with built-in dryer reduces space requirements even further, making it ideal if you have limited space at your facility.

Easy maintenance – Service points are grouped together and are accessible through the removable panel. The spin-on oil separator and filter are designed to be easy to maintain. Maintenance is further simplified through information provided on the control panel.

Silent operation – Atlas Copco supplies GX compressors with full sound enclosures which reduce the sound levels to as low as 61 dB(A). The rotary screw technology minimizes vibration, while optimized cooling air flow enhances quiet operation..