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In addition to meeting the installation and hardware requirements of compressed air systems, Cooper Freer can supply extensive experience and capability in the provision of specialist services that include air treatment specification.

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LE/LT/LF piston compressors

Because of their basic design, limited number of working parts and straight forward working principle, piston compressors are versatile, efficient, suitable for harsh conditions and simple to maintain. Atlas Copco’s oil-injected LE/LT series has a maximum working pressure up to 30 bar. The LFx and LF ranges are quiet, small capacity compressors providing 100% oil-free operation.


SF scroll compressors

The SF range of scroll air compressors are reliable, energy efficient and guarantee the delivery of 100% oil-free compressed air, certified to ISO 8573-1Class 0 standard. Super quiet from 53 dB(A), and compact, they can be installed within any working environment without interruption.

GX rotary screw compressors

GX 2-11 compressors bring the power and reliability of an industrial screw compressor to small and medium sized industry. Quiet operation and reliability make them suitable for continuous duty on a work site. These receiver- or floor-mounted machines are ideal for anything from automotive workshops to light manufacturing.


G, GA, GA+ and GA VSD rotary screw compressors

Premium rotary screw compressors from 5-500kW to keep your production running smoothly. From tank-mounted workshop solutions with easy plug and play concept, through to workplace compressors with integrated air treatment equipment and Elektronikon graphic controller for easy monitoring and maintenance. Most models are available with Variable Speed Drive technology which saves up to 35% on energy consumption.


ZR/ZT, ZR/ZT VSD and ZH oil-free compressors

Air-or water-cooled oil-free rotary tooth and oil-free rotary screw compressors, including VSD technology. The ultimate all-in-one packages to provide Class 0 compressed air and decrease your energy bill by up to 35%.Wide pressure range, flow rates up to 2456 l/s and energy recovery options offer the right choice for any production process.
The ZH+ is the latest addition to the range of advanced compressed air solutions, used in large compressor rooms of 1-20 MW. Equipped to save energy and guarantee reliability, the ZH+ turbo compressor is ideal for customer processes with a fluctuating or constant air demand.


ZS/ZS+ screw blowers and ZE/ZA low pressure compressors

The need for oil-free air between 0.3 and 1.2 bar is served by the ZS screw blowers which provide reliability and energy efficiency, reducing costs by an average of 30% when compared to lobe technology. The ZS+ VSD offers a state-of-the-art ready to run package with completely integrated VSD converter and proven Elektronikon® controller.
For low pressure oil-free air between 1 and 4 bar the ZE/ZA compressor range offers a combination of high reliability and energy efficiency, providing a 100% certified supply of oil-free air for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

High pressure compressors

With the specialist Greenfield, Crepelle and Intermech reciprocating compressor brands, Atlas Copco offers high pressure compressed air and gas equipment, with pressures up to 500 bar, for industrial gases, PET blow moulding, seismic exploration, CNG refuelling solutions and a variety of other applications. Also available is the ZD – a combination of a ZR screw compressor giving the best of each technology, resulting in energy savings, whether in fixed speed or VSD versions.


Quality Air products

Air treatment products to remove moisture, aerosols and dust particles and ensure clean, dry air to expand the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. The wide range includes oil-water separators, filters, after coolers and refrigerant, desiccant, membrane, heatless and heat reactivated adsorption air dryers, as well as air receivers & auto drains including timed, float and zero loss versions.

Nitrogen generation

Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generation systems with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology allow you to produce your own nitrogen on site by using compressed air. The NG range eliminates the need for storing, reordering or changing bottles as nitrogen is available on tap 24/7, with purity levels of 97% to 99.999%. For larger capacities the NGM and NGME ranges of membrane nitrogen generators are available for purities of 95% up to 99.5% and nitrogen flows of up to 5000 Nm3/hr.


AQ water injected compressors

These pioneering water-injected rotary screw VSD compressors deliver 100% oil-free air to ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 standard. Available in water-cooled or air-cooled versions, AQ compressors meet your precise needs for pure oil-free air while offering high-pressure capability and improved energy efficiency.