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In addition to meeting the installation and hardware requirements of compressed air systems, Cooper Freer can supply extensive experience and capability in the provision of specialist services that include air treatment specification.

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Energy Saving

Cooper Freer can offer energy saving solutions on your current system set up which have the potential to deliver massive saving on your current energy bills. By using our energy audit AIRscan measuring equipment we can show exactly how your current system is performing. energy-saving1 energy-saving2 Using this data alongside getting an understanding of your current and potential air requirements Cooper Freer can then tailor a replacement package that brings you up to date with a more cost effective set up. A customer contacted us recently, he was using a Tamrotor compressor which we replaced with a GA18 VSD unit. Our Energy Audit “AIRScan” Measurement Equipment was used to generate the air system and air compressor load cycle profile over a period of 7 days. Using the load profile it measured the total cost of electricity to operate his existing compressed air system over one year and based on his current cost of electricity at £0.10 was £19,180 per year. By installing a new GA18VSD unit we were able to save him £10,595 per year which covered the cost of the new unit and installation within 15 months of operation.

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Our client also took out the manufacturer’s excellent 7 year service agreement that covers ALL parts and labour which offered him piece of mind at an extremely competitive yearly fee. The flexibility of this allowed the Client to take out the agreement safe in the knowledge that should his usage or business situation change he could pull out of it without any penalty clauses.