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In addition to meeting the installation and hardware requirements of compressed air systems, Cooper Freer can supply extensive experience and capability in the provision of specialist services that include air treatment specification.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Cooper Freer is not just a compressor supplier; we are a leading supplier of pneumatic and fluid power components to clients all across the UK. With an extensive supply chain network we can offer our clients a single source for all their parts requirements.

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From small fittings and compressor spares through to large scale utilities application pipe work and specialist valves, we offer product sourcing solutions exactly as you need them, a true one stop shop.

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At Cooper Freer we believe the customer comes first and should not have to wait for standard non specialist items, therefore in the unlikely event our primary supply chain fails we will strive to source suitable alternatives for you. Examples of this are current clients having been told their orders are on a 5-10 day lead time from other suppliers we have offered an alternative and had it there next day.

If you have an issue with your current suppliers then give Cooper Freer a call, our team are ready to work both with you and for you.