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In addition to meeting the installation and hardware requirements of compressed air systems, Cooper Freer can supply extensive experience and capability in the provision of specialist services that include air treatment specification.

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1: following an emergency call out to noise complaint from Neighbours


I’m fine thanks,
The equipment sounds a lot quieter and the high pitch noise has gone, I have called the borough council and asked them to contact our neighbours and so far there have been no further complaints, Craig again many thanks for your help and your fast response I cannot fault your service & your simple but efficient solution to our problem . Great stuff mate
Kind regards
Derek M (Service Delivery Manager Staff’s)

2, Installation of three new Low pressure Screw Compressors connected to existing VSD panels replacing obsolete XLPN10 units,

Craig, Just a brief email to let you know the first LP screw compressor is now in service and Running beautifully, air distribution is fantastic across the ASP and amazingly as suggested the energy consumption is down even further, Can’t wait to get the other two units on line, Many thanks to you and the engineers for a job well done Thanks
Jeff B (O&M Planner Gloucester)

3, GI Solutions Group,
Removal of two 90kw Alup screw compressors and replace with two fixed speed Atlas Copco GA75+ compressors and one GA75 variable speed drive compressor.
Following the air scan carried out by ourselves it became obvious that by installing the above new package we could save our client over £20,000.00 per annum, Following our proposal and subsequent board meeting the project received the go ahead and was duly installed within 6 weeks of order, More remarkably was that GI never lost a minutes down time as our planning allowed for zero loss of production and in these times that also contributed to winning the project. Carl Henson the key driving force for GI Solutions sent a letter of thanks stating that the whole system now operated quieter, cleaner, more efficiently and had also shown savings in service costs. The seven year fixed price service & warranty package also enables him to budget his costs without the previous hidden extras of breakdowns etc. GI Solutions have been so impressed with the installation that they even produced their own flyer internally and for their website to show their own clients how committed and focused they are to reducing costs and saving the environment.